Corporate Internet Banking

At Utkarsh Small Finance Bank, we understand the businesses of organization and offer bespoke Internet Banking Facilites to our Corporate Customers.
The facility aids in customer acquisition and build current account balances. The corporate internet banking platform offers specialized services, such as, bulk payments, multi-fund transfers, multiple user authorization, standing instructions and schedule transfers.




1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card

15% discount


15% discount

1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card




Cash withdrawal on Utkarsh Bank ATMs

  1. Personalized Experience

  2. Single View for all your Accounts

  3. Customized Transaction Limits

  4. Customized Authorization Levels

  5. Customized Transaction Roles

  6. Account Statements-View

  7. Mini Statements-View

  8. Account Statements-Download

  9. New Deposit Request

  10. Cheque Book Request

  11. Cheque Status Enquiry

  12. Stop Cheque Request

  13. Bulk Payment*

  14. Salary Upload*

  15. Positive Pay

* Launching Soon

  • View Account Balance

  • View Detailed Statement

  • View Mini Statement

  • View Account Details

  • Download account statement in PDF, CSV, Excel file format

  • Transfer funds between Utkarsh Bank Account

  • Transfer funds to another Bank (RTGS/NEFT/IMPS) Account

  • Bulk Upload/Salary Upload (Launching Soon)

  • Positive Pay: A facility that helps you electronically submit large values cheques through channels such as mobile app, internet banking, branch banking and call center.

Your security is of utmost importance. To ensure a secured Internet Banking experience, always keep the following do's and don'ts in mind while transacting:
  1. Always make password in alphanumeric format.

  2. Always visit the Utkarsh Small Finance Bank's Internet Banking site through our home page by typing in the address bar.

  3. Keep your Corporate Internet Banking Login/Transaction password confidential and change the password regularly.

  4. Disable "Auto Complete" feature on your browser.

  5. Always use virtual keyboard features while logging into your Corporate Internet Banking Account.

  6. Check your last login information available on Corporate Internet Banking homepage every time after login.

  7. Always type-in your login credentials.

  8. Monitor your transactions regularly. Register your Mobile Number and bring any fraudulent transaction/attempt done to the notice of the bank.

  9. Always logout when you exit Corporate Internet Banking application.

  10. Choose a strong password to keep your account and data safe.

  11. For additional security to financial transactions done using Corporate Internet Banking application, kindly create and maintain different passwords for login and authorization.

  12. Install updated firewall and anti-virus software to help detect and disable any malicious software.

  13. Always check the URL address on the address bar of internet browser. This should begin with "https"; the letter 's' at the end of "https" means 'secured'.

  14. Beware of POP-UP windows that ask for your account number and PIN (Personal Identification Number). Utkarsh Small Finance Bank login pages are always on a webpage and never in a pop-up window.

  1. Do not disclose your Login ID and Password to anybody.

  2. Don't click on links embedded in emails/social networking sites claiming to be from the bank or representing the bank.

  3. Don't forget to inform the bank of changes in your mobile no. to ensure that SMS notifications are not sent to someone else.

  4. Kindly avoid from closing the browser directly while using Corporate Internet Banking application.

  5. Don't leave your internet banking session unattended.

  6. Avoid using obvious passwords (like name, date of birth, etc.) .

  7. Avoid accessing Corporate Internet Banking from shared computer networks such as cyber cafes or public Wi-Fi network like hotel/airport etc. .

  8. Never copy paste any login credentials / Informations on Corporate Internet Banking application.

  9. Avoid using Bluetooth in public places as this keeps your data as well as login credentials at risk

  10. Don't transfer funds without due validation of the recipient as funds once transferred cannot be reversed.

  11. Never use the 'Remember Password' feature provided by browsers to save your net banking password.

  1. Always visit the Utkarsh Small Finance Bank's Internet Banking site through Utkarsh Small Finance Bank's home page by typing the bank's website address ( ) on to the browser's address bar.

  2. Change your Password as soon as you receive it by logging into your Net Banking account.

  3. Memorize your Password, do not write it down anywhere.

  4. Avoid accessing internet banking from shared computer networks such as cyber cafes or public Wi-Fi network like hotel/airport etc.

  5. Do not click on links in the emails or sites other than to access your Net Banking webpage.

  6. Disable "Auto Complete" feature on your browser.

  7. Use virtual keyboard feature while logging into your internet banking account.

  8. Do cross check your last login information available on Net Banking upon every login to ascertain your last login and monitor any unauthorized logins.

  9. Always type in your confidential account information. Do not copy paste it.

  10. Monitor your transactions regularly. Register your Mobile Number with the bank and branch and bring any fraudulent transaction to the notice of the bank by the various means provided by the bank.

  11. Ensure to always logout when you exit Internet Banking. Do not directly close the browser.

  12. Monitor your account activity regularly by checking your balances and statements online through Utkarsh Small Finance Bank. This helps you to detect fraudulent transactions, if any, quickly. The earlier a fraud is detected, the lesser will be its financial impact.

  13. Now easily Link and manage all your Utkarsh Small Finance Bank relationships online at

  14. Please change your password at regular intervals (at least once a month), especially after you have accessed Corporate Internet Banking on shared PCs.

  15. Always make a strong password compromising of a mix of alphabet, numerical and special characters.

  16. Be cautious while using Bluetooth in public places, as someone may access your confidential data/information.

Loan calculator

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1 Lac

10 Cr

Tenure ( )

1 Month


Interest Rate (%)



Equated Monthly installments (EMI)


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Deposit Amount
Interest Earned

Interest Rate


Interest Earned


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Maturity Date

20 Apr 2023

(Indicative interest rates for calculation only. click here for latest rates.)


Any non-individual customer, whether a single man enterprise, HUF, small business enterprise, firm, trust, institution, Government organization or large conglomerate is treated as a Corporate. Any Corporate maintaining account with any branch of Utkarsh Small Finance Bank can avail Corporate Internet Banking facility.

There are two ways for a customer to access our CIB [Corporate Internet Banking] site:
1] One can visit the link mentioned below:
2] [i] Login to our website
[ii]Click on the LOGIN tab on the right upper corner of the page
[iii] Now click on to CORPORATE BANKING option out of the two options which pops up as
[*] Personal Banking
[*] Corporate Banking
3] A new page with the link opens up wherein one needs to click onto CONTINUE TO LOGIN option given at the bottom centre of the page
4] Corporate Internet banking page with the link pops up
Corporate Customer can visit any Utkarsh Small Finance Bank branch for availing Corporate Internet Banking and submit duly filled forms accompanied with required annexure, wherever required.
All forms and annexures are available at our respective branches.
Following facilities can be enjoyed by Corporate Customer through CIB:
1. View Account Summary & Account Details
2. View account statements [download account activity in CSV, Excel or PDF format]
3. Transfer funds between the entity's own accounts,
4. Transfer to other bank's accounts via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS
5. Transfers to other Bank account Utkarsh Small Finance Bank accounts
6. Bulk Payment / Salary upload [Launching soon] g] Cheque Book Request [Launching Soon]
7. Stop Cheque Request [Launching Soon]
8. Cheque Status Inquiry [Launching Soon]

You can specify and set the user level limit. As per transaction upper limit needs to be set up by filling up the Corporate Internet banking form for each of the authorized user/ approver Normally, an upper limit of Rs 25 Lacs is given on request but the limits can be inceased based on the following approvals which needs to be done by the branches .

No. Currently, Corporate Internet Banking is provided free of cost to all our corporate customers.

There could be various reasons:
The User ID, Group ID and password are case-sensitive and may not have been entered in the same lower or upper case as mentioned in the IPIN envelope sent to you.
The account has not been accessed for more than 180 days.

CIB has a two-tiered login wherein every corporate customer is issued a Group ID and all users under that corporate will be issued a Login ID.
In order to access CIB, a user must enter the Group ID and Login ID.

Yes. Both IDs are case sensitive.

On successful creation of Group ID and User ID from Bank end, users will get their login password and authorization password on their registered mail id in password protected file.
On first time login, system will prompt user to set new login password and authorization password.
The possible reasons could be:
1. You have not entered the new password correctly
2. After 5 unsuccessful attempts, access to Net Banking has been disabled for security reasons.
A] For regeneration of login password, one needs to click onto the FORGOT PASSWORD option given on the login page of CIB
B] You are requested to fill the request form for authorization password regeneration and submit it to the nearest branch
Do contact the branches for any support.
The security of your accounts is our top priority. Utkarsh Small Finance Bank uses the latest technology with robust security methods, including 128-bits SSL encryption, firewalls, and access blocking in case of repeated incorrect password entry, to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal and financial information.
Other features include a separate login ID, password that only you will know, which even the Bank employees will not have access. Back and Forward buttons are disabled so that nobody will be able to use the same for security reasons. If the screen is not used for 5 minutes, it automatically logs you out from Corporate Net Banking. Additionally the security image and message also helps you know you are logging in to the Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Corporate Internet banking.

At the time of first time login, customer will be asked to select secured image and secure message for the first time. This secure image and secure message will be displayed to customers when he will enter their correct Group ID & User ID.

Yes. User can change their Secure Message and Secure Image through setting option in your login ID.

No. of user ID creation depends on the requirement of corporates. They can request Bank to add or delete user ids as per their requirement.

Customer can submit their request for addition/ deletion of user ids through filled CIB form at any Utkarsh Small Finance Bank's branch.

No. All users should have unique mobile no and e-mail id.

Customer can opt for authorization level as per their business requirement. Currently, customer can opt up to 2nd level of authorization.

FIVE invalid attempt will lock your User Id. To unlock your user id you may contact your nearest Utkarsh Small Finance Bank's branch or contact call center at 18001239878 or mail at [email protected]
A corporate can select to assign one of the following roles for a user id
1. Maker- User will be able to initiate financial and non-financial transaction only.
2. Approver User will be able to approve financial and non-financial transactions initiated by Maker.
3. Maker & Approver- User will be able to initiate financial and non-financial transactions and also will be able to approve transaction initiated by other user.
4. Viewer- User will have view rights only
Following are the contact information: Help Desk [General Internet Banking Queries]:
Toll Free Telephone No: 18001239878, 1800 208 1788
Availability- 24*7 E-mail ID: [email protected]


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