Core Values

  • Customer & Employee Centric
  • Transparency & Fair Practice
  • Responsible & Responsive Service
  • Integrated Social Values
  • Striving for Excellence

Code of conduct


Our mission is to service low-income clients and their families, providing them access to financial services that are client focused, designed to enhance their well-being, and delivered in a manner that is ethical, dignified, transparent, equitable and cost effective.

Quality of Service

We believe that our clients deserve efficient microfinance services. We will provide these services to them in as convenient, participatory and timely manner as possible.


We give our clients complete and accurate information about our credit policy and educate them about the terms of financial services offered by us in a manner that is understandable by them.

Fair Practices

We are committed to ensure that our services to our clients are not unethical and deceptive. In providing microfinance services including lending and collection of dues, we are committed to fair practices, which balance respect for client's dignity and an understanding of a client's vulnerable situation, with reasonable pursuit of recovery of loans.

Privacy of Client Information

We will safeguard personal information of clients, only allowing disclosures and exchange of such information to others who are authorized to see it, with the knowledge and consent of clients.

Integrating Social Values into Operations

We believe that high standards of governance, participation, management and reporting are critical to our mission to serve our clients and to uphold core social values.