Vision: Be an institution of excellence in promoting holistic development through inclusive growth leading to greater participation in equitable socio-economic opportunities

Mission: To promote sustainable development through technology driven, impactful & scalable interventions in the identified thematic areas including primary healthcare, education, skill training, livelihoods, financial inclusion & environmental conservation.

The Foundation is in continuous efforts to positively impact the society particularly, underserved and under privileged communities in the area of its operations. Utkarsh Welfare Foundation has formulated policies for social development based on following guiding principles:

  1. Adopt an approach that aims at achieving a greater balance between social development and economic development.
  2. Adopt new measures to accelerate and ensure the basic needs of all people.
  3. Work towards elimination of barriers for the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups- such as the poor and the differently abled.
  4. Support underprivileged and underserved segments by providing financial and non-financial services through a socially responsible, sustainable and scalable initiatives delivered through appropriate technological.

Utkarsh Welfare Foundation has an intensive community engagement approach in its program intervention. Intensive approach entails capacity building and providing impact & outcomes oriented services interwoven around thematic areas of financial literacy, health services and enterprise promotion through skill building and vocational training of the last mile beneficiaries.

Utkarsh Welfare Foundation has collaborated and partnered with various national and international technical resource agencies such ACCION, IFC, ISMW, SIDBI, FMO, and SCBF which has given enriched experiences. It has improved the institutional learning curve and built the in-house capacity to develop knowledge toolkits and robust MIS systems such as, over the years UWF has developed robust MIS systems for the monitoring of projects.

Various cloud and web based tools are used for purpose of timely and effective monitoring and evaluation of the projects. Baseline and end line indicators are developed with support of technical resource agencies at beginning of the project for impact evaluation purposes.

With the assistance of ACCION lndia, a comprehensive MIS was developed for monitoring of field team. The trainers were all assigned user IDs and passwords. All registration forms were entered into the system and daily attendance was marked for every batch. Various reports were generated with details such as Branch wise monthly mobilization and members trained under the program. A dedicated project coordinator was appointed for field monitoring. Continuous field visits were undertaken to monitor the progress and the quality of training delivery. Major responsibilities of the Coordinator comprised of attending and addressing the operational challenges, motivate the field trainers, conduct impact assessment and document case studies etc. Besides this, the team leader had a daily tracker on the mobile through which the trainee’s movement and trainings were tracked. Surprise visits by senior team members of both Utkarsh Welfare Foundation and Utkarsh Micro Finance were also part of the monitoring mechanisms.

Financial Education supported by Utkarsh Small Finance Bank CSR: Financial education programs are aimed at building financial capabilities to enhance financial decision making process among the resource poor and financially excluded section in the underprivileged and under-served geographies through right information, instructions and advices. Total beneficiary outreach under Financial Education initiatives supported by Utkarsh Small Finance Bank CSR has been 151009 as at October 31st, 2018.

Approaches and models for delivering Financial Education

Models for delivering financial education and advisory services to the beneficiaries incorporates best practices in the domain through partnerships. Currently, Utkarsh Welfare Foundation is implementing Financial Education initiatives at 19 locations across Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Class Room Training Approach: This adopts Intensive approach towards the delivery of financial literacy to target population. Trainings are organized in small batch sizes of 20-25 and around 12 hours of inputs are given covering modules on financial planning, budgeting, savings, borrowings, investments, insurance, banking services and targeted govt. schemes. The methodology of training adopted is participatory & interactive. Audio-visuals, poster, banners, group discussion, role plays, exercises, games, and other participatory training tools and other aides used. Trainers effectively communicate and transmit the key messages to the participating women/men beneficiaries. Financial literacy training provided to achieve the desired objectives are delivered in 12 hours session spread across 3 days for each class room training for each batch. So far 39227 beneficiaries has been covered through intensive class room training approach.

  1. Total outreach through class room training for the month of October 31st, 2018 is 1801.
  2. Total beneficiary outreach through class room training for the FY 18-19 as at October 31st, 2018 is 13068.

Mass Awareness and Community Based Approach: Mass Awareness program is a one-day program organized to introduce the subject to the masses (village communities) as well as to assess the response of the grass root beneficiaries in a particular area. It results in a clear understanding of the area of emphasis and the degree of emphasis required for bringing about the desired change. Campaigns focus more on audio visual aids to convey the key messages of the subject matter, viz., Financial Literacy, Government schemes rights and entitlements, etc. Target Groups includes entire village community, that is, around 50-200 including women and other members from their household especially male and older members who specially influence the financial decision making process.

  1. The total beneficiary outreach through mass awareness approach for the month of October 31st, 2018 is 464.
  2. Total beneficiary outreach through mass awareness approach for the FY 2018-19 at October 31st, 2018 is 6010.

Special Events and other programs under Financial Education

Financial Literacy Week Celebration: Utkarsh Welfare Foundation celebrated Financial Literacy Week at first week of June from 4th – 8th 2018 with theme of “Consumer Protection”.

Dialogue on Business (DOB): Financial Literacy for Micro and Small Business Entrepreneurs. Dialogue on Business (DOB) is an award-winning business skills training program developed by the knowledge partner, ACCION. It is based on adult learning principles, which draws from the knowledge and experience of program participants. It uses interactive games and role-playing tools to help participants solve real-life business challenges. The workshops are based on the real situations of participants, rather than textbook cases. DOB is found to be an interesting and engaging activity for people, even with little formal education, who may not learn effectively in a traditional classroom set-up. So far 2737 beneficiary has successfully attended the DOB program.

  1. The total outreach for the month of October 31st, 2018 is 80.
  2. Total outreach under DOB program for the FY 2018-19 at October 31st, 2018 is 825.

Digital Financial Literacy: Utkarsh Welfare Foundation organised a mega camp and started implementing series of camps on digital financial literacy from the month of May 2017 and is continued across districts in Bihar & UP. Presently, 7 trainers are engaged in different branches (Begusarai, Kochas, Sandaha, Sindhora, Saidpur, Maihar and Kashipur) across 4 states Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttrakhand & Uttar Pradesh. New training modules which includes flash cards, Audio visuals, Snake & Ladder game have been developed with technical core team members of Utkarsh Welfare Foundation. So far 44248 beneficiary has successfully attended the DFL program.

  1. The total outreach for the month of October 31st, 2018 is 2081.
  2. otal outreach under DFL program for the FY 2018-19 at October 31st, 2018 is 16007.