Choose the right account that suits your need

Our Current Accounts are demand deposits for customers that do not accrue interest. We offer various types of current accounts which are equipped with a variety of services, including banking solutions, such as, Corporate Internet Banking, to cater to the various requirements of entities/ customers to manage their businesses.

Business Standard Account
Business Standard Account
  1. Free 150 transactions per quarter.
  2. Enjoy unlimited cash withdrawal at home banking outlet branch.
  3. Avail exclusive benefits with RuPay Classic Debit Card.
  4. Enjoy convenient payment acceptance with POS facility.
Business Premium Account
Business Premium Account
  1. Free 350 transactions per quarter.
  2. Enjoy unlimited cash withdrawal at base banking outlet and free cash withdrawal of 5 Lakh per month at non-home banking outlets.
  3. Enjoy Free Cash Deposit transactions per month of 10 Lakh at base banking outlet and 5 Lakh* at non-home banking outlets.
Business Plus Account
Business Plus Account
  1. Nil "Non-Maintenance Charges".
  2. Monthly Free Cash Deposit limit at base branch of 10 Lakh and at Non- base branch of 5 Lakh.
  3. No TDS deduction on accrued interest in Savings Bank Account.
Upi Easy Account
UPI Easy Account
  1. Instant receipt of payment with instantaneous settlement.
  2. A faster and smoother mode of payments for merchants.
  3. Customized Welcome Kit with QR code and stand for Merchants.
  4. Merchants can use this account towards collection of proceeds for transactions happening through the QR codes.