Utkarsh UPI

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Utkarsh UPI is a simple and secure method of sending and receiving money through UPI ID or Account Number-IFSC or QR Code.

You can collect payments through UPI ID or QR code using the Collect feature in the app. The application provides you the feature of creating mandate as well as instant Merchant Payments safely and instantly.

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1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card

15% discount


15% discount

1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card




Cash withdrawal on Utkarsh Bank ATMs

  • 24*7 Payment Facility

  • Send, Receive and Collect Money

  • Pay instantly through QR/ UPI ID/ Account Number-IFSC.

  • Download/Share QR

  • Facility for Creating Mandate

  • Safe and Secure Payments

  • Merchant Payments

  • Download/Share Invoice

Merchants can also register in Utkarsh UPI application by following these steps:

Step 1: Click "I am Merchant" option on the homepage

Step 2: Enter following details

  1. Organization Name
  2. Select Business type
  3. Alternative Mobile No.
  4. Postal PIN Code
  5. Email ID
  6. Credit Frequency
  7. Referral Code( Optional)
  8. Communication Address
  9. PAN

Step 3: Select account number, where you want to receive funds.

Step 4: Enter the desired VPA or select from suggested VPAs.

Step 5: After successful validation, the confirmation message will be displayed: "Merchant registration done successfully"

Merchants can collect funds through VPA by sharing their VPA and also through QR Code by downloading/sharing their QR Code from VPA Management.

  1. Do not share your UPI PIN: Never share your UPI PIN with friends, family members, even someone you trust dearly and your Bankers.  Sharing UPI PIN with anyone makes you vulnerable to frauds. If your UPI PIN has been revealed, please change/reset it immediately.
  2. Do not click on unverified links: Fraudsters often send fake messages containing links, on your phone and your email inbox. By sending  these, fraudsters give individuals with lucrative offers and then ask them to enter their confidential credentials such as PIN, OTP, etc.
  3. Always remember, your Bank never asks your confidential details such as PIN, OTP etc. to verify your account details.
  4. Always remember, if money has to be credited to your Bank account, you will NEVER be asked to enter your UPI PIN.
  5. You do not require to scan any QR code to receive money in your Bank account. It may be a 'money collect request' received from a  fraudster to defraud you. DO NOT scan such QR code and enter your UPI PIN to claim any refund/ gifts.
  6. Always verify the UPI ID before making any payment to ensure the payment is being made to the actual recipient/ beneficiary.
  7. In case of any disputed transaction related concern, please seek help from UPI-help option available within the UPI App or may reach out to   the Bank. You should avoid random help care number from unverified internet sources for seeking help.
  8. Keep changing your UPI PIN regularly in order to keep your account safe. More importantly, keep the password confidential all times.
  9. Always download legitimate UPI applications from trusted source, be cautious before you download it from App/ Play store.
  10. Avoid connecting phones to unsecured wireless networks that do not need passwords to access.
  11. Keep track of your financial transactions and Bank account statements, and an eye out for suspicious behaviour on your account. Alert your   Bank immediately if you find something unusual.
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Step 1: Download Utkarsh UPI app from Google Play Store/Apple App Store.

Step 2: After opening app for first time, a demo will be shown which you can either Skip or click on Next.

Step 3: Select SIM in case of Dual SIM, then enter the Registered Mobile Number.

Step 4: On entering Mobile number, app will trigger a SMS from the number to verify the device details.

Step 5: After successful validation of the details, you will be then asked to enter Personal Details such as: Mobile number (auto-populated) and Name.

Step 6: You will be then asked to enter Account Details. UPI application will give an option to select Bank from a list of Banks.

Step 7: After selecting the Bank, application will fetch the list of accounts linked to your mobile number with the selected Bank.

Step 8: You will be asked to create a VPA or select from suggested VPAs (UPI ID)

Step 9: After successful validation of VPA, create the 6 digit Application Pin using Email or Alternate Mobile Number

Step 10: On successful registration, a confirmation message will be displayed: "Congratulations! Your UPI registration is successful."

How to do transactions in Utkarsh UPI?

  1. Set UPI PIN by entering last 6 digits of debit card and expiry date.
  2. After setting UPI PIN, you can start doing transactions through VPA, Account/IFSC and QR Code by clicking Pay and Collect in the homepage.
  3. You can also Scan QR for doing your transactions.
For complete details on UPI Transaction Limits, please click here.

Loan calculator

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1 Month


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20 Apr 2023

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UPI is an instant payment interface developed by NPCI for sending/receiving funds instantly.

UPI PIN is a 4-digit passcode user create/set during first time registration with UPI app. User have to have to enter UPI PIN to authorize all Bank.

Following are the steps to be followed for registration into UPI Application.

Step 1:Open the application

Step 2:Select SIM

Step 3:Enter Registered Mobile Number

Step 4:Enter Name Step

Step 5:Select Bank Name and Enter desired VPA/Suggested VPA (Account Number auto-populated) and click Proceed

Step 6:Create APP PIN or enter alternate mobile number and enter the required details and click Submit
After logging in select settings icon then select set/reset/change UPI Pin.
  1. In case of set/reset, enter your debit card details with Expiry Date then click proceed and OTP will be fetched and then set/reset your UPI Pin.
  2. In case of Change UPI PIN you only have to enter your desired UPI Pin and its done.

In case someone forgets the UPI PIN, he needs to re-generate a new UPI PIN using his debit card details (the last six digits of their debit card & expiry date).

In case user enters wrong UPI PIN, transaction will fail. If wrong UPI PIN entered more than 3 times, users UPI will be blocked for 24 hours.

The Multi-factor Authentication feature for initiating any transaction ensures adequate safety.

Some of the features are listed below:
  1. One-time mandate
  2. Pay using QR/VPA/Account Number
  3. Invoice Verification · Merchant Payment
  4. Instant Transfer of funds through Mobile

No, other Bank customers can also register on Utkarsh UPI.

Yes, Mobile number is mandatory in Utkarsh UPI for registration while email id is optional.

No. User has to select SIM for their RMN as part of the registration process.

VPA is a unique identifier, which is linked with an individual's Bank account.

You can generate VPA/UPI ID from suggested options or you may enter your desired VPA while registering for Utkarsh UPI.

To add/change Bank Account:

Step 1:Open Utkarsh UPI application

Step 2:Click Settings icon (on the right hand side of the screen)

Step 3:Click Add Icon (at the right hand bottom of the screen)

Step 4:Select Bank and Linked Account Number will be displayed

Step 5:Add the Account Number displayed on the screen

To Delete Bank Account:

Step 1:Open Utkarsh UPI application

Step 2:Click Settings icon (on the right hand side of the screen)

Step 3:Click Delete Icon placed at Right hand side in Account management section

Step 4:Click Yes
Yes, you can add/change a default account number.

Step 1:Open Utkarsh UPI application

Step 2:Select Settings icon

Step 3:Click on default account option available under "added account list" to set the particular account as default account

All payments are instant and 24x7, even beyond banking hours.

No. You cannot stop payment instructions for Funds Transfer request initiated through UTKARSH UPI application.

A maximum of 3 VPAs can be added under Utkarsh UPI.

A maximum of 3 VPAs can be added under Utkarsh UPI.

Step 1:Open Utkarsh UPI application

Step 2:Click Three parallel horizontal lines (Top left hand side of the screen)

Step 3:Click Deregister and thereafter click OK

Yes, after deregistering from Utkarsh UPI, you are required to register again if you subsequently decide to once again avail the services under Utkarsh UPI.

Yes, you need to register again whenever you change your handset / SIM.

In case you are unable to find your account number associated with your mobile number, you may contact your respective Bank's nearest branch or call center.

In case of Virtual ID transaction, the beneficiary needs to have a Virtual ID and in turn be registered with UPI but in case of Account + IFSC or QR, the beneficiary need not be registered for UPI.

A QR code consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device such as a camera. QR Code contains information about the item to which it is attached.

Step 1:Open Utkarsh UPI application

Step 2:Click Three parallel horizontal lines (Top left hand side of the screen)

Step 3:Select UPI ID Management

Step 4:Click Download/Share QR

Yes, you can download/share your QR code from "My Profile" or VPA Management.

You can see your transaction history on clicking "View All" on the homepage.

As and when a transaction is effected, a message will be sent to your Registered Mobile Number. You can also view all your transactions under the "View All" functionality of Utkarsh UPI application.

For all successful transactions, funds are credited to the beneficiary account instantly.

  1. Rs. 5,000/ per day (24 hour cycle) for the first day after registering.
  2. After a period of 24 hours from the first successful transaction, transaction limit will be set at Rs. 1,00,000/- per day.

In case of a failed transaction, the money (if debited) will be credited to your account instantly. In case of timed-out transactions, amount will be settled to the beneficiary account or Remitter account within 2 working days. The Bank's view in the determination of "failed" status of a transaction will be final.

Yes, you can add a beneficiary in Utkarsh UPI application.

Follow the path: Select Pay->Beneficiary VPA->Remove the desired VPA

Using this feature user can initiate a request for funds from another person registered on the UPI platform.

Using this feature user can initiate a request for funds from another person registered on the UPI platform.

Step 1:Open Utkarsh UPI application

Step 2:Click Collect

Step 3:Choose Collect from VPA/QR

Step 4:Select Beneficiary

Step 5:Enter Amount and click on Submit

Yes, merchants can also use the Utkarsh UPI Application after registering under "I am Merchant" functionality.

With this feature, you can pre-authorize a transaction, for debit from your bank account later. UPI mandate is to be used in scenarios where money is to be transferred later; however, the commitment towards that is to be done now. It is possible that the sender may forget to send money later so s/he creates a mandate or for a service/merchant payment wherein this functionality may be required. The customer's account shall be debited when the mandate is executed.

Step 1:Open Utkarsh UPI application

Step 2:Click UPI Mandate

Step 3:Select Create New

Step 4:Enter UPI ID/add from contacts

Step 5:Enter required details and Click Submit

Open Utkarsh UPI application -> Click UPI Mandate -> My Mandates -> Execute.

Open Utkarsh UPI application -> View All -> Select Failed Transaction -> Raise Dispute.

You can approach our Call Center Team on the following Toll Free numbers: 1800 208 1788 / 1800 123 9878.

You can also send an email on the email address: [email protected]


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