Wholesale Lending

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd provides short term and long-term loan facilities to SME and Corporates to meet their specific business requirements.




1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card

15% discount


15% discount

1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card




Cash withdrawal on Utkarsh Bank ATMs

Write back to us with updated corporate profile at [email protected]

Term Loan

Sr. No. Charge Name Charges (Amount in )

Processing Fee

As approved by the sanctioning authority

Documentation Charges (Upfront – one time)


Monitoring Visit Charges (Annual)

15,000 per annum

Penal Interest

Penal will be levied in case of

  1. In case of any delay in the repayment of principal instalments or payment of interest, charges or other monies due on the facility.
  2. Non-Submission or Delayed submission of Stock/Debtors Statement 
  3. Delay in submission of audited financials as on 31st March of every year

Default Interest Rate @ 2% p.a. over and above the rate of prevailing(sanctioned)rate of interest

Pre Closure / Pre Payment Charges

2% of the principal amount of loan prepaid

Legal / Mortgage Charges / Stamp Duty


Overdraft/Dropline Overdraft

Sr. No. Charge Name Charges (Amount in )

Processing Fees

On fresh limits - 1 %

One renewal of limits – 0.50%

Pre Closure / Pre Payment Charges

  1. 2% of total credit facility amount in case of OD account

2% of the total outstanding amount in case of DLOD/TL accounts

Adhoc & TOD Limits

2% over the existing pricing

Penal charges for non-creation of security - 

  1. Pledge (of securities) formalities not completed on time by the borrower.
  2. MCA Charge not created due to delay from the borrower

1 % of the utilized amount

Penal Charges for

  1. Insurance not submitted within 30 days from date of first disbursement/limits setup/takeover
  2. Non submission of renewal documents as specified in terms and conditions

10,000/- per month for irregular periods.

  1. 10,000/-

Penal Charges for

  1. Interest not served within the specified period of 10 days in subsequent month.
  2. EMI default on a specific date
  1. 2% per month on the outstanding amount (as on month end) + GST in case of Overdraft.

In case of DLOD/Term Loan an account becomes irregular by way of non-payment of installment, penal interest @ 2% month be charged on the defaulted amount for the period of irregularity

Schedule of charges (Working Capital Accounts - Overdraft/Dropline Overdraft Limit)

Sr. No. Particulars Charges
1. Cash Deposit -Free limit (per month)

Base Branch : 500 lakhs
Non-base branch :
250 lakhs

2. Cash Deposit charge above free limit (Base and Non Base)


3. Cheques Book

2 cheques book (50 leaves) - Free
After free limit -

4. RTGS – Branch

Inward - Free;
Outward – Free

5. NEFT- Branch

Inward - Free ;
Outward –Free

6. Pay order / DD  Issuance Charges on Base Branch location


7. DD Issuance charge on Corresponding Bank locations

1/1000 with min 25/- per DD + applicable corresponding Bank charges

8. Door Step Banking Services ( Within City limits)

Documents/ Cheque/DDs Pickup - 1 pickup free per day
(at selected locations)
Cash Pickup - Available in select cities (at cost)

9. Account Statement


Account Statement per Quarter (physical)


Email charges (monthly)


Ad-hoc statement requests


10. Alerts /Phone Banking


Alerts (Email / SMS)


Phone Banking


11. Standing Instructions


Standing Instructions

Involving Utkarsh Accounts: Free
Other Banks: Free

12. Fore closure/Cheques Return charges/ collection


Fore closure charges
  1.  2% + GST on outstanding in case of Term Loan/DLOD
  2.  2% +GST on OD/CC limits

Cheques deposited and returned (Outward)

200 per Cheques + GST

Cheques Return (Inward)

250 per Cheques + GST

ECS Return (Inward/Outward)

200 per record + GST

13. Miscellaneous Charges


Balance Certificate

250 per instance + GST

Interest Statement (Duplicate only)


  1. Limit Utilization Charges Overdraft – minimum 50%
  2. Limit Utilization Charges Dropline Overdraft – minimum 50%

  1. Charges in OD for utilization <=50% - 0.5% over and above the current charges
  2. Charges in DLOD for utilization <=50% - 0.5% over and above the current charges

Signature Verification / Address Confirmation / DD Cancellation / DD Revalidation/Duplicate DD Issuance

Signature Verification: Free
DD Revalidation/cancellation :
100 per instance + GST
Duplicate DD Issuance :
100 per instance + GST

Duplicate TDS Certificate


Confidential Report /Credit Confirmation/TOD Charges


Paid Cheque Report


Photo Attestation


Solvency Certificate 

2500/- per instance + GST

Online tax payment


Stop Payment instructions

Per instrument - 50 + GST
Per Series -
100 + GST
(For more than 2 Cheques)

Disbursement documents retrieval charges

1000/- per instance + GST

Domestic Bank Guarantee

Sr. No. Domestic Bank Guarantee against 100% Cash Margin
1 Fees and Commission BG Commission: 1.5% p.a. or Min 2,000.00 (Plus applicable taxes) 
(Any Deviation in the pricing will be approved by the Sanctioning Authority) 
Commission will be charged for Bank Guarantee tenor plus the claim period
  • Overdraft

  • Dropline Overdraft

  • Term Loan

  • Bank Guarantees

* Kindly note that Overdraft, Dropline Overdraft and Term Loan facilities offered under Wholesale Lending are above 1Crore

All loan appraisals are subject to internal assessment & evaluation criteria of the bank

  • Both Long term and Short term facilities for business expansion & working capital requirement

Apply to Wholesale Lending

Loan calculator

Amount ()

1 Lac

10 Cr

Tenure ( )

1 Month


Interest Rate (%)



Equated Monthly installments (EMI)


Need more Information?
Deposit Amount
Interest Earned

Interest Rate


Interest Earned


Maturity Value


Maturity Date

20 Apr 2023

(Indicative interest rates for calculation only. click here for latest rates.)


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