Utkarsh Smart Business

Meet your day to day business related requirements with Utkarsh Small Finance Bank's Utkarsh Smart Business. The loan offers working capital facilities in the form of Overdraft and Dropline Overdraft (DLOD) limits. The credit facility ranges between ₹ 10,00,000 and ₹ 1,00,00,000. secured against collateral. The limit is renewable every year for overdraft limits. The tenure is for a minimum of 3 years and up to 10 years.




1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card

15% discount


15% discount

1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card




Cash withdrawal on Utkarsh Bank ATMs

  • Loans range between 10,00,000 to 1,00,00,000

  • Loan tenure: Overdraft: 1 year, renewed annually. DLOD: Min 36 Months – Max 120 Months

  • Pay interest as per utilization of funds

  • Foreclosure Allowed during the tenure of the facility

  • No monthly principal repayment obligation in case of overdraft facility

  • KYC

  • Application form

  • Original Property Papers

  • Documents as per product norms

Utkarsh Smart Business
Charge Name Charges
Processing Fee Upto 1% of Sanctioned Limit / Loan Amount + Applicable taxes
Pre Closure Charges [Applicable to DLOD & Term Loan] Pre-Closed by Pre Closure Charges
Upto 6 Months 6% of outstanding Principal portion of the loan and applicable taxes
During 07 to 24 months 4% of outstanding loan/Facility Amount and applicable taxes
During 25 months to  36 months 3% of outstanding loan/Facility Amount and applicable taxes
More than 36 months 2% of outstanding loan and applicable taxes
Pre Closure Charges [Applicable to Overdraft] 2% of the facility amount and applicable taxes
Cheque Deposited and Returned [outward] charges 200 Per Cheque
Cheque Return [Inward] charges 300 Per Cheque
Penal Charges for each instance of interest amount not being served on due date till time interest is being served. 2% per month + applicable taxes on the overdue amount for the overdue period
Penal Charges for delay in Renewal of the Credit facility till time facility is being renewed. 2% per month + applicable taxes on the total utilized amount .
Penal Charges for any Non-Compliance to the Agreed Terms and conditions of the sanctioned facility. 2% per annum + applicable taxes on the total utilized amount.
Legal/Valuation Charges As per actuals
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1 Lac

10 Cr

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1 Month


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Maturity Date

20 Apr 2023

(Indicative interest rates for calculation only. click here for latest rates.)


You can apply for a loan starting from 10 Lakhs to 1 Crore

The Overdraft facility is sanctioned for 1 year, which can be renewed annually, subject to submission of required documents and satisfactory account conduct. The Minimum and Maximum tenure for DLOD is 36 Months & 120 Months respectively.

Working capital funding in the form of Overdraft and Dropline Overdraft is offered under Utkarsh Smart Business.

Proprietorship, Partnership Firms including LLPs, Limited companies [Pvt. Ltd/Public Ltd.], Self Employed Professional & Trust [Hospitals & Educational Trusts].

You can either visit your nearest Utkarsh Small Finance Bank's branch or write to us at [email protected], let us know about your requirement and we will get in touch with you.


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