Utkarsh Rhodium Credit Card

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Rhodium Card offers you exclusive lifestyle privileges. What’s more! you can avail amazing cashback offers every time you swipe your card. It’s time to indulge!! To know the host of benefits offered, check the benefit section below.




1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card

15% discount


15% discount

1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card




Cash withdrawal on Utkarsh Bank ATMs

  • No Annual Fee for 1st year

  • 2nd year onwards 4999/- Fee waiver is given when there is an annual spends of Rs.5 lakhs & above

  • No Joining Fee

  • 1.25% Cashback on all eligible transactions (Please refer Key Fact Statement for details)

  • 1% off on Fuel surcharge (refunded for transaction between 400 to 5000)

  • For our existing customers who are holding an active Current Account, Savings Account, FD Account & Loan Account

  • Has to be an Indian Resident

  • Age Limit:

    • • Unsecured Credit Card: 21 to 65 years
    • • FD Backed Credit Card: 18 to 65 years
  • Eligible Customers will receive a Pre-Approved/Pre-Qualified Credit Card link on their personal registered email id with the Bank

  • Customers to ensure that their latest KYC details are updated with the Bank

No additional documents are required

  • Create a strong, unique password for your Credit Card online transactions.

  • Always memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and change it on regular basis. Please do not share it with anyone.

  • Once you receive the card, make sure to activate it via Credit Card portal https://creditcards.utkarsh.bank/

  • Set a limit on your domestic transaction channels (ECOM/POS/ATM) after receiving your Credit Card in order to be able to transact.

  • In case of international transactions, enable international channels only when it is required or while you travel abroad.

  • Regularly review your Credit Card statements for any unauthorised transactions.

  • In case of loss /theft of card, fraudulent transaction, call customer care no-(1800-309-3665) or send email to [email protected] and get your card hot-listed.

  1. Never share your Credit Card number, PIN, or CVV with anyone over the phone or online.

  2. Do not allow anyone else to use your Card or enter your PIN for you.

  3. Remember to follow bank's specific security guidelines and contact us immediately if you suspect any unauthorised activity on your Credit Card.

Rhodium Cards Limits and Charges
Annual Fees No Annual Fee for 1st year
2nd year onwards 4999/- Fee waiver is given when 5 lakhs is spent during the previous year
Joining Fee No joining fee
Interest Free Period upto 50 days
Late Payment Fees 500/- in addition to the interest payable on the outstanding credit card amount
Service Charge NIL
Finance Charge [APR] Up to 2% per month [equivalent to 24% annual percentage rate]. Same rate is applied for overdue balances.
a. Revolving credit
b. Cash Advances
c. Overdue Interest
d. Charges in case of default
Cash Withdrawal Limit upto 20%
Overlimit Fees 500/-
Card Replacement Fee 500/-
Supplementary Card Annual Fees No annual fee or joining fee
Cash Advance Fees Cash advance 5% or 500, whichever is higher
Foreign Currency Surcharge 3% of the value of the foreign currency transaction after conversion to Indian Rupees using Visa currency conversion at transaction point
Return payment charge 2.5% of the value of the returned payment
Goods & Services Tax 18% on fees/charges & interest
Physical Statement 50/- per statement
E-Statements NIL

Loan calculator

Amount ()

1 Lac

10 Cr

Tenure ( )

1 Month


Interest Rate (%)



Equated Monthly installments (EMI)


Need more Information?
Deposit Amount
Interest Earned

Interest Rate


Interest Earned


Maturity Value


Maturity Date

20 Apr 2023

(Indicative interest rates for calculation only. click here for latest rates.)


It depends on the spending habits, customer's preference on rewards or benefits offered, interest rates, and the fees. The customer needs to choose between the different options and choose one that suits as per their financial needs.

There are 3 variants of Credit Cards currently depending on the financial needs 1. Smart Gen 2. Eternal 3. Rhodium For more information on the offers and eligibility , please visit our website www.utkarsh.bank/cards/creditcards/Eternal/Terms&Conditions

The Credit Card limit is the maximum amount that can be spent on the Credit Card provided to the customer

The CVV [Card Verification Value] number is a 3 digit code printed on the back of the Credit Card. This is a form of authentication for IVR and online transactions. Do not share it with anyone.


Yes, the chip Credit Cards can be used wherever Mastercard/ RuPay are accepted and are known as "Card Present Transactions"



The customer should be cautious when sharing Credit Card information online or over the phone. He/ she should regularly review the Credit Card statements for any suspicious or unauthorised transactions/ charges. Never share the CVV number or OTP received for any transaction even if the person you are speaking with claims to be an employee of Utkarsh.The Bank will never ask for such information.

Yes, the account number is different from the card number.

The individual should be minimum 18 years of age and should be an Indian citizen and a resident.

You can set the desired Credit Card spend limit on your Credit Card through the Credit Card portal.

There is no cap for changing the Credit Card spend limits.

In case of re-issuance of cards whose validity has expired, the cardholder will receive an SMS and/or E-mail 2 months prior to the expiry date about the card renewal. In case, there is a change of address, the cardholder will be requested to change the the address linked to their account with the Bank.

Cash withdrawal limit is a certain percentage of overall Credit Card credit limit. This limit can be used to withdraw cash from either Bank's or any other Bank's ATM[s] where Mastercard / RuPay usage is permitted.

The customer will receive the card dispatch status via sms on his/her registered mobile number.

"There will be 2 delivery attempts of the card to the customer's address. If still the customer is not available at the time of card arrival, then it will be returned back to the origin [RTO] - An SMS on the non delivery of the card after 2 attempts, will be notified to the customer."

"On return of the card after 2 attempts and on receipt of SMS for non-delivery, customer may call the Bank's customer care centre at 1800 309 3665 and / or send an email at [email protected] and request the re-despatch of card. Depending on the feasibility of re-despatch, customer care would try to arrange the re-despatch."

For re-issuance in case of lost/stolen cards, customer can reach customer care via calling at customer service no. 1800 309 3665 or email at [email protected]

On customer's request for replacement within 2 week's time, the card will be delivered to the customer's address available with the Bank


There will be a fee of Rs.500 in case of card replacement [in case card is to be replaced due to loss or theft]



One can activate the card through the Credit Card portal and also set the Credit Card pin.


Charges for replacement card will be debited to the Credit Card account and shown as one of the transactions in customer's statement of account.



Flat 1.25% cash back on all eligible transactions and 1% fuel surcharge waiver can be availed from Credit Card.

The interest free period on the Credit Card is upto 50 days.

If you are currently receiving transaction alerts related to your Credit Card on the mobile phone it means that your mobile number is already registered. You may also call our Customer Care on 1800 309 3665 from your registered mobile number to obtain this confirmation.

The interest rates vary based on the Credit Card issuer and the credit worthiness. Please check the Credit Card agreement or MITC or statement to find the interest rate applicable on various scenarios and any other applicable rates.

The e-mail and mobile alerts facility on your Credit Card is free of cost and no charges are applicable.

It is The annual fee will be free for first year, and from the 2nd year onwards, the charges are levied basis the card variant. Please check the credit MITC, Key Fact statement for the charges. And there is no joining fee.

No. This facility is free of cost.

This facility is free of cost and no charges are applicable from the bank.

The E-statements which is sent by e-mail is free of cost and if customer requires physical statement, then the charges are Rs. 50/- per statement.


The late payment fee is Rs. 500/- in addition to the interest payable on the outstanding credit card amount.




The card replacement fee is Rs. 500/-



5% of cash advance or Rs. 500/- whichever is higher is levied for any cash advance transaction performed.


Customer can repay the Credit Card dues via NEFT mode.



The minimum due amount is 10% of the total due amount [TAD] plus any other amounts that are overdue. There will be other fees, charges, levies and taxes that will be debited.

The payment made will be credited within 24 hours on your Credit Card account.


The excess amount shows up in the monthly statement and is adjusted against the future purchases and / or dues in Credit Card.



Statements will be generated for all the card accounts on 15th day of every month and payment due is on 5th day of every month.


Please write to [email protected] for your CIBIL report.



Since Credit Card is a lending product, it will reflect in CIBIL report.

First the customer must ensure that his or her POS/ ECOM and other features are enabled on the Credit Card portal. If you are still unable to do transaction on your Credit Card, you may call our Customer Care on 1800 309 3665 or Email us at [email protected]

The customer should immediately contact the customer service no. 1800 309 3655 or email at [email protected] to raise the dispute for Credit Card transaction.

Call our Customer Care - 1800 309 3665 or email at [email protected] to know the status of the dispute initiated for Credit Card.


To withdraw the dispute raised, you can call our customer care no. 1800 309 3665 or Email at [email protected]



The customer needs to call the customer service no. 1800 309 3665 or email at [email protected] or the replacement can be done in the Bank/ Portal app by the customer himself or herself.

If 3 incorrect PIN/ OTP attempts are made then the card will be blocked temporarily after which the customer has to reset the pin for the card to work again. The customer needs to call the customer service no. 1800 309 3665 or email at [email protected] to reset the pin or through Mobile/ Internet Banking after successful authentication of the card holder.


The customer should raise the chargeback within 120 days from the day of failed transaction



The customer should immediately contact the customer service no. 1800 309 3665 or email at [email protected] and report the loss or theft for cancelling the card and issuing the new card to prevent the unauthorized transactions.


As of now, the customer needs to call the Customer Care number - 1800 309 3665 for Credit Card closure.



The customer will receive a charge-slip from the merchant and will also receive an SMS/Emailer on his/her registered contact details once the transaction is successful.


A "Credit Card against FD" refers to a financial arrangement where a Credit Card is issued to an individual against a Fixed Deposit [FD] that one holds with the bank.



The Bank will intimate the existing customers who have the FD account for applying the Credit Card against FD.

"Unsecured Credit Card does not require any collateral. When you're approved for an unsecured Credit Card, the issuer does not hold any of your assets as security. Secured Credit Card requires you to have a Fixed Deposit account with the issuing bank. The FD acts as collateral for the Credit Card."

It depends on the financial goals, credit situation, and personal preferences. One compare the terms and benefits of Credit Cards against FD and unsecured Credit Cards for your overall financial needs

- Primary benefit is the potential to build or improve your credit score.
- While using the FD as collateral, it continues to earn interest. This means your money is growing while you're building credit and leveraging against the FD.
- Responsible usage and on-time payments on the Credit Card can positively impact your credit history and score over time."

This deposit can tie up your funds, making them unavailable for other uses.To open a secured Credit Card, you typically need to provide a security deposit as collateral. The Credit Card issuer can use your security deposit to cover the outstanding balance, If you default on payments.

MITC [physical copy] is sent along with welcome kit and soft copy is emailed when Credit Card is issued to the customer Downloadable MITC [soft copy] is displayed in Bank's website- https://www.utkarsh.bank/cards/creditcards/Eternal/Terms&Conditions/MITC

Fixed Deposits are considered relatively safe investments. They are offered by banks and financial institutions, and your principal amount is generally insured up to a certain limit, depending on the country and regulations. Your FD will continue to earn interest and grow while it's held as collateral for the Credit Card. The growth of the FD is separate from the Credit Card usage, and it remains unaffected as long as you meet your Credit Card obligations.

Yes, lien will be marked on all the customer's FDs to the extent of the Credit Card credit limit [not necessarily on all FDs].

Within a period of 2 weeks from your consent for issuance of Credit Card against the FD held by you. Lien would be marked on the FD once consent is received.

No, the customer will get 100% of the FD amount as Credit Card limit. [Yes or No, if No then what is the % of amount]

Minimum FD amount should be Rs. 25000.


Generally No. At the time of issuance of Credit Card, existing FD is taken into consideration and accordingly eligible Credit Limit is fixed.



Customer can directly call the customer care no- 1800 309 3665. Customer care will check for lien and any outstanding amount remaining. Lien will be removed and outstanding amount if any, will be set-off. Post this, card will be cancelled and balance amount [if any] will be refunded to customer's account.

In case FD needs to be closed for an emergency, FD can be closed provided the following are adhered to: a. the Credit Card dues are fully paid off b. Credit Card closure request is submitted c. Credit Card account is closed

Yes, it is possible provided the following are adhered to: a. the Credit Card dues are fully paid off and b. Credit Card closure request is submitted and c. Credit Card account is closed


No, since it is linked to FD [seems incomplete]



Same as non FD linked Credit Card


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