Naveen Savings Account

Naveen Savings Account is a full KYC account which provides a basic savings banking features with the aim of encouraging people to start saving without the burden of fees and charges. The aim of introducing “Naveen Saving Account” is to offers small saving deposit and utilize the same for day to day requirement, wherein they can pool in the daily/monthly saving and avail the basic benefits and services of banking products. This encourage small customer segment for starting small amount deposit.




1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card

15% discount


15% discount

1 reward point on every 100 spends on debit card




Cash withdrawal on Utkarsh Bank ATMs

  • Free Quarterly Physical/Email account statement

  • Availability of Cheque book facility with 1 free cheque book per quarter (10 leaves per book)

  • Unlimited free Cash Withdrawal transactions (Across all categories of Branches)

  • Free online transaction through RTGS, NEFT and IMPS payments.

  • Interest Rate on Domestic Savings *:

Balance in Rate of Interest w.e.f 1stDec 2022
Balance Upto 1 Lakh 4.25% p.a.
Incremental balance above 1 Lakh upto 25 Lakh 6.50% p.a.
Incremental Balance above 25 Lakhs up to 10 crore 7.25% p.a.
Incremental Balance above 10 Crore 7.50% p.a.

* T&C Apply

*Important Point: No Additional Interest Rate for Senior Citizen.

Anyone residing in India can apply for an Utkarsh Naveen Savings Account.

Naveen Savings Account
Average Balance Requirements AQB
Metro/Urban/Semi-Urban/Rural Branches ₹2,000/- 
Non-Maintenance Charges

25/- per ₹500/- of shortfall,

Max ₹ 100/- for quarter

Initial Funding Requirement 50% of Average Quarterly Balance Requirement
Branch Cash Transactions
Cash Deposit Transactions- Free limits/month 2,00,000/- [Across all categories of Branches]
Charges Beyond Free Limit 3/-per leaf 1000/- [Min 50/-]
Cash Deposit Transactions [Folio Charges] 4 Branch transactions
Charges Beyond Free Limit ₹20/- per Transaction
Cash Withdrawal - Free limits/month Unlimited [Across all categories of Branches]
Cash Withdrawal charges beyond free limit Nil
Cheque Issuance/ Collection Charges
Chequebook [10 Leaves] 1 cheque book free per quarter
Charges Beyond Free Limit 2/- per leaf
Cheque Return Charges [Outward] 200/- per cheque
Cheque Return Charges [Inward] 500/- per cheque
NEFT/RTGS/IMPS transactions [Online]
RTGS Outward Free
NEFT Outward Free
IMPS Payments Free
Doorstep Banking Services
Cash Pickup Charges [within city limits with a radius of 5 km from base branch] Not Available
Cheque Pickup Charges [within city limits with a radius of 5 km from base branch] Not Available
Other Charges
Quarterly Physical Statements Free
Email Statements Free
SMS Alerts

25 paisa per SMS

Subject to maximum amount of ₹ 25 per quarter


actual amount

whichever is lower.     

Stop Payment Instructions 100/- per cheque
Signature, Address and Photo attestation Nil
Duplicate Interest & Balance Certificate Issuance Charge Nil
Account Related Charges
Account Closure Upto 14 days – Nil
Above 14 days up to 12 months - 500/-
Above 12 month- Nil.

For Debit Card Variants & Charges, kindly refer to the Card Section

For complete details on Fees and Charges effective from 01st May 2023, please click here

Apply to Naveen Savings Account

Loan calculator

Amount ()

1 Lac

10 Cr

Tenure ( )

1 Month


Interest Rate (%)



Equated Monthly installments (EMI)


Need more Information?
Deposit Amount
Interest Earned

Interest Rate


Interest Earned


Maturity Value


Maturity Date

20 Apr 2023

(Indicative interest rates for calculation only. click here for latest rates.)


Interest Rate on Domestic Savings Account Deposits with effect from Dec 01, 2022 as follows:

Balance in Rate of Interest w.e.f Dec 01, 2022
Balance up to 1 Lakh 4.25% p.a.
Incremental Balance above 1 Lakh up to 25 Lakhs 6.50% p.a.
Incremental Balance above 25 Lakhs up to 10 Crore 7.25% p.a.
Incremental Balance above 10 Crore 7.50% p.a.

* T&C Apply

The interest is calculated on daily product basis and credited quarterly.


The biggest advantage our customers have is that they need to maintain an Average Quarterly Balance [AQB] instead of a monthly balance. Customers can enjoy banking services by maintaining an Average Quarterly Balance [AQB] of just 2,000 across all categories of branches.

The daily ATM withdrawal limit for our customers is 40,000 and the shopping limit is 2,00,000 [POS].

Any resident of India can apply to open a Naveen Savings Account.


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